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Development of China's tape industry

🕙 2022-08-29 👆

The adhesive tape industry is a technology-based industry that continues the ancient fine chemical technology and gradually implements technological transformation. This type of products is extended from the medical series of adhesive tapes, which are divided into packaging series of adhesive tapes, trademark paper series of adhesive tapes, special adhesive tapes, high temperature resistant series of adhesive tapes and fashionable computer inkjet series of adhesive tapes With a total of six series of products.

Its product applications cover a wide range, from basic food, medicine, hygiene materials, beauty and health care products, Wujiao supplies, cultural and educational supplies, office equipment, photographic equipment, advertising, printing, papermaking, shoemaking and textiles. Widely used in high-tech industries such as electronics, electrical machinery, communication equipment, petroleum industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry and aerospace industry.

Representative adhesive tape products in various industries, such as BOPP transparent packaging adhesive tape for daily use, PVC electrical insulating adhesive tape, correction adhesive tape for cultural and educational office supplies (alternative to correction fluid), computer printing color inkjet paper and visible Advertising signs PVC instant stickers series adhesive tapes, bus PVC body stickers adhesive tapes, computer inkjet advertising supplies, light box advertising back blowtorch series products, highway signs (provincial and municipal highways) reflective film glass microbead adhesive tapes, And hidden behind the products in the technology industry, such as high temperature resistant Mylar adhesive tape, high temperature resistant PET compound adhesive tape, high temperature resistant acetate fiber cloth series adhesive tape in electronic components, semiconductor, printed circuit board, computer peripheral manufacturing, High temperature resistant crepe paper series adhesive tape, high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth adhesive tape, PTFE glass fiber cloth, and fashionable and popular digital technology waterproof high-gloss photo paper series products.

According to incomplete statistics, the annual domestic demand for various types of adhesive tapes is about to exceed 100 billion yuan, accounting for a relatively prominent industry or product in the country's total production value. The only pity is that this industry is often neglected, and the training and development of its professional technology is also seriously lacking, resulting in the industrial structure only maintaining low-grade and highly competitive product research and development, and also resulting in high-tech, high-efficiency adhesives. The products are monopolized by foreign enterprises or imported products!

In fact, the existence of this status quo is a global problem. The main factor is that it is a relatively partial and unique proprietary technology in the field of fine chemical technology. If you have not experienced the substantial research and development and production experience of this professional technology product, it is indeed difficult to understand the arrangement and combination technology and maturity of the product structure. The production and processing technology gap of products will be so far away!

Especially in the "special adhesive tape and high temperature resistant series adhesive tape", the combination technology of pressure-sensitive adhesive and medium surface treatment, although the hidden technical content is so simple, but before the technology is disclosed, it definitely belongs to Profound and mysterious and difficult to explore advanced technology! Therefore, the brittleness of the domestic adhesive tape market can only tend to the development of general-purpose adhesive tape products or low-priced products. 

"The scientific method is the basis for product research and development, and the production and processing conditions are combined with the actual production technology measures" is the basic condition for the research and development of high-tech, high-efficiency adhesive tape products, and processing and manufacturing. For the research and development basis of products, the scientific method emphasized here is not the advanced requirements for equipment and instruments alone, in order to obtain the most precise and stable product quality, but the scientific concept of technical measures and technical personnel is product development. Manufacturing the most important technical key.

For example; for the quality maintenance measures of high transparency and whiteness of BOPP packaging adhesive tapes, the former (referring to transparency) should pay attention to the high-speed and high-temperature cross-linking measures of the coating process to strengthen the quality of products, and at the same time, it can also improve production efficiency.

The latter (referring to the whiteness) is the enhancement of the conversion rate by the reaction polymerization technology of the acrylate emulsion. If the vinyl acetate monomer is contained in the formulation process, the reaction stirring speed should be appropriately increased (10-15%) to strengthen the The polymerization conversion rate of monomers and the treatment measures of residual monomers are not mandatory to add whiteness to maintain whiteness.

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